What is a Solidarity EP?

It is a way to collect donations for those people who spend so much time working
for the conservation of the environment, animals and other movements.


The intention of this EP is to reach as many people as possible to raise
awareness about all the initiatives that take place in your city and
the impact that these tasks have.


Small actions like this can be of great help to those people who are struggling for a more
sustainable future for all.


This version is completely free,
please consider donate to the next Foundation if you like this EP



In this first EP of solidarity, i want to collaborate with Suara Foundation
to get new donations for they tasks with the animals, in special, with cats.


Suara Foundation is dedicated to giving a new life to many cats that, for various
situations, among them, are abandoned or lost in the street.


They can offer a new life with this donations, rescue and care of their wounds,
and then have the possibility of being adopted by a new family,
without forgetting to spend a wonderful season in a Cat House
Please, for more information about his story visit suarafoundation.com

I appreciate the immediate acceptance of the idea from Suara.


Who will you donate to?